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Plant-Stock 2016

Plant-Stock 2016

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Traveling back home from Plantstock 2016 I had the idea to jot down some thoughts and feelings about the amazing event we had just taken in. A sort of “post Plantstock report”, if you will. I also wanted to give the Esselstyn family a proper thank you for opening up their property to perfect strangers and making everyone feel like it was a big family reunion and we all had known each other for years. Their hospitality was off the charts. These two ideas were bouncing around in my head but I couldn’t stop thinking about how big of a deal this event was but the “little stuff” is what made the big stuff bigger…wait..what?!? Continue reading

Finding Loopholes in a Plant-Based Diet


I’ve been meaning to write about this topic for a while now. I was reminded of it after a conversation with Josh LaJaunie. Josh will never understand how much our conversations and interactions mean to me. For over 3 years I have felt like I have stumbled around to find how my body works on the most natural level. I have learned so much but I have a ton more to learn. Many of the lessons and new ideas that run through my head Continue reading

7 Reasons why I didn’t go on a diet.

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3 reasons why you should never do a juice fast. 3 reasons why you should.

I haven’t done as many juice fasts as people think. I do a longer fast that starts on New Year’s that lasts either 30 or 40 days and this is my forth.
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My alternative lifestyle ;)

Post #10     Healthy Eating #3

So far in the Healthy Eating category we have added some healthy foods and we have swapped some processed foods out for healthy options. Today’s post is about a very complicated topic with many facets.  I will have many future posts on this topic but for now, I will try to lay down the general concept without getting people to think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist. Then again, maybe I am, who knows?
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Diets are for the birds.

Post #7.  Healthy Eating #2

My wife loves to watch the birds from out of the kitchen window. We have three different feeders that we stock regularly. Recently we noticed that the birds had gained so much weight that they could no longer fly Continue reading

The first step to a healthy diet

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To be honest I’m a little uneasy about my first food post. I try to think back a couple years as to what I would have listened to about nutrition and a healthy diet. Ok,  I wouldn’t have listened to anything or anyone and I don’t think anyone will listen unless they really are searching for change. Nevertheless I want to tread very lightly. …..for now. I don’t think I can even begin to write about changing food choices until I explain at least a little history and my former diet. I grew up working on a dairy farm. We had a constant supply of beef, pork, and fresh milk. My three main food groups were meat, cheese,  and fast food . This is what the average day looked like for me about five years ago: Continue reading