Have you ever heard about the dash in the headstone idea? So, I don’t know who the credit goes to for this but it goes something like this. It’s not either of the years on the headstone, it’s how you used the dash in between that counts. That’s actually a pretty cool idea. Think about all the small details in that dash that make up a person’s entire life. It’s amazing when you think about it.
So what the heck does that dash have to do with post number 2 about before and after photos?…… Everything.
It hit me one day as I was sending a “before and after ” photo for a podcast interview.  The most important part of that photo was the thin white line that separated the two photos.  I wondered if people could see all the small details in that little line if they would be as impressed with the photos.  I’m betting if people could see what really happened in that small little sliver of separation their jaw-dropping reaction would turn into a solemn look of approval that says,  “I get it, that makes perfect sense.”
See, here’s the thing,  I used to see “before and after” photos and think, that’s what I’m gonna do. Honestly,  I still do that from time to time. I see a former 400 pound man running an ultra marathon and think yep, I’m going to go get that, except…… There’s a little thing that I forget,  it’s called training.  It’s that thin white line that separates the photos  that holds the secret. It really makes no difference if the photos are weight loss, fitness, a solid marriage, a happy family, an education, or a good career, the result of the change is work. Yep, that’s the big secret, that thin white line, it’s the work, and it’s not just any work, it’s consistent and persistent hard work. The work is the magic that makes those pictures morph.  The more magic, the more drastic they change. I spent years on the couch looking at those photos and wondering why it didn’t work for me… I actually wrote a little about this in my post (motivation is a scam). I have people tell me all the time that they can’t wait for their own before and after photos and I sincerely hope that they will have those someday. BUT, it’s never gonna happen while you focus on the photos, you have to focus on that thin white line and work. If you find the “magic” by being consistent, persistent, and working hard you’ll forget all about the photos and then they just kinda happen.
This is the coolest ever. I know it sounds so stupid-simple and it’s really just common sense but think about this…… If you believe me, then when you see a “before and after” you will realize that the line in the middle is where the magic is,  you will see that the work is the magic and understand that work is nothing more than a personal choice..  WHAT?!?! how freaking cool is that? Does that mean that every one of these amazing transformation photos out there are a series of mere choices? You better believe it. And that means that anyone that can choose, can transform.  You have 100 percent of the power to create that thin white line.  You can choose to set your alarm an hour early to go take a walk of jog before you start your day.  You can choose to ditch the chicken wings and have a veggie stir-fry.  You can choose to not quit when your mind tells you otherwise.  You can choose to get off the couch and go for a hike. You can choose to wake up every morning with a goal to live life to it’s fullest.  Before you know you’ll be so busy choosing that you’ll forget about the “after” and become consumed with the magic, what you used to consider work will just become a way of life and it won’t always be easy but in time, it just becomes habit, and that’s why it’s magic!
So listen,  give your couch and TV a break. I promise if you ever want them back they will be waiting for you with open arms.  My couch has been very lonely the past few years and it’s still in the corner surviving. Go live! Go experience new things.  Get out of the rut and the “waiting for the weekend” mentality.  Squeeze everything you can out of life. Do something that scares you. Sign up for a 5k, do something,  just live. Work on that thin white line and see what happens,  the magic is unlimited and out there for anyone willing to go get it. It’s your turn.

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“Eat plants, move your body. All ya got to do is a little more than ya did yesterday😉 ”

Until next time,

Tim Kaufman