Collage 2016-03-27 20_07_33A new drug will hit the market in June 2018 after FDA approval. It is touted as one of the most comprehensive and effective drug to be discovered in human history. Researchers say they have never seen such a powerful drug with absolutely no side effects. In laboratory testing 100% of all subjects have had significant increases in overall health and chronic disease control, most with complete elimination of the existing disease. One scientist stated, “We are finding so many benefits that we cannot possibly test for all of them at once in a controlled laboratory.” Another says, “There is no doubt that this is the greatest discovery in human history, this will change the entire face of our planet.” The makers of Slooflirpa ™ are still calculating the cost of the new drug but experts say you will pay a hefty price for the benefits of this little green pill. They go on to say that is near impossible to put a price on the benefits of an overall increase in health that this drug offers.

Typically I think about things that have changed in my thought process from when I was 400lbs, jot the idea down, and expand it as I write a blog post with the intentions that it may help someone that is where I used to be. Not today, today, I’m straight up venting. This my friends, is fatman ranting!

Okay, okay, there’s no drug, it’s almost April 1st, and Slooflirpa spelled backwards is …. But, I’m guessing if I could take a bottle of pills around to people, give them a short testimonial, and charge them an exorbitant fee for the pills that people would buy it hook, line, and sinker. So if I told them about it and showed them the fancy package they would likely get out their checkbook on the spot. They have seen zero results but they may have heard it on Dr. Zo’s show or an infomercial and well, that’s plenty of proof for them. As I make more and more connections, especial with my recent involvement of Big Change The Film, (shameless plug click here later) I am realizing that my story is not much different than tens of thousands of people like me. So can someone please tell me how we, the plant-based transformers, can walk around with our friends and families who know full well where we have come from and not see them knocking down doors to get veggies? I mean we do this every day of our lives. We see or hear about something that a friend or relative has and if we really like it we go get it. We see the result, we like the result, and we purchase the product. This is true from everything from movies, shoes, or even where to live. I seriously can’t wrap my brain around this. You have no problem taking advice about where to relocate half way around the world because some acquaintance says, “it’s nice here” but if an almost dead, morbidly obese, crippled guy who regained his life in an undeniable way says, “dude, eat potatoes and beans” you’re like ummm…… no thanks…………….. Why? Why? Why?

I’m not going to get into all the benefits of me going plant-based, I am honestly getting tired of restating what people can see in my daily life. If you really want to see some of the benefits (click here, I wrote about it in an earlier post) I will say this, while there is no drug that will do what a plant-based diet will do, I will try to sum the benefits up like big pharma does with an advertisement.

“Every day I wake up and wonder how my life could get any better. As I wake up from yet another night of fantastic sleep, I wonder yet again, how my life could get any better. Doctor visits, prescriptions, chronic pain, hosts of medical conditions, inflammation, and low self-esteem, are just a few things that have been completely wiped out by going plant-based. The cost is free and anyone can do it, there are no subscriptions, programs, or memberships. Just stuff your face with real food and ditch everything that is not.”

*****Results are very typical and totally normal. Side effects include, better overall health, clearer thinking, better relationships, active and fun recreation, and a general great life. Subjects may be prone to a new wardrobe and running shoes.******

I apologize for the rant and maybe this week there is nothing for readers to get out of this post as I selfishly rant about something that will likely not change. It’s just hard to see friends and family in places they don’t have to be. Chronic inflammation is a CHOICE. It’s so hard to see people you care about putting themselves in the same position you once were in. It’s hard to see loved ones pounding down hot-dogs while recovering from nerve damage. It’s hard not to care when you have been on both sides.

There are many people I know and care about that make me wonder if they are living or just dying slowly.   I heard Ray Cronise say, “I want to live long and die fast.” I love that!

Definitely check Ray’s work out, he is am amazing and intelligent guy.

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“Eat plants, move your body. All ya got to do is a little more than ya did yesterday😉 ”

Until next time,

Tim Kaufman

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Nick Ball · 28 Mar 2016 at 1:54 pm

Hey Tim, cannot speak for other’s but I am hearing you loud and clear and am making changes to improve my life after watching,reading your posts.
Am sure I’m not the only one.

    Tim · 28 Mar 2016 at 10:07 pm

    fantastic Nick! keep up the good work. I’m glad it’s helping.

Anonymous · 1 Apr 2017 at 12:15 pm

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