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More Lessons From the Goose.

I suck at running and I’m the first to admit it. I sucked worse Saturday because my body was overworked as I had been focused on a long distance bike ride. I was under-trained for running but I had signed up for a half marathon expecting this. I knew I was going to struggle and I knew there was going to be some walking involved. I didn’t think I would be struggling coming into mile 4, I thought I was good until at least mile 9. So here’s the story.

I was listening to  my favorite podcasts by  (Rich Roll) and the interview was on addiction and sobriety. I think that the topic of addiction is overlooked or grossly underplayed when it comes to obesity, but that’s for another post. Anyway, the subject was on recovery and the importance of belonging to a group for encouragement and accountability. I was actually kind of tuned out as I have been “gifted” with the rebellious gene and I am somewhat of a loner. I never saw following the crowd as a positive thing. In fact, I do everything I can to stay away from the “crowd”. They started talking about geese. Geese have always fascinated me because of their monogamous relationships and parental duties, it’s definitely worth the time to do some research on them. Rich was talking about the V formation that they fly in when they migrate. Here are some fun scientific facts they talked about and related them to help groups: A group of geese flying together can fly 71% further than when alone. They can fly non stop for 16 hours together compared to 4.6 on their own. When in a group the constant loud honking is actually encouragement from each other to keep moving forward. They are constantly changing leaders so that everyone is leading and everyone is following depending on who is the most rested.When a goose in the flock gets injured or sick 2 geese will follow it to the ground until it’s healthy enough to fly again or it dies. the two then hitch a ride with another V-formation and catch back up to re-join the original flock. Pretty cool, huh? So as I’m listening to this there are 4 runners that I just happened to be following, I didn’t plan on stay with them as I had every intention to start walking shortly. The man in the group introduced himself, his wife and 2 friends. We started talking, exchanging stories, and asking each other questions as we ran (slowly and steadily)  the miles just started disappearing. At one point they said they would physically drag me to the finish if I needed. It blew my mine how perfect strangers could bond so quickly over a common goal. At the finish line I went for a high five from my new friends and instead I got a hug from each one, I can’t even begin to describe how sweaty and stinky  I was. Was our meeting coincidence or something more? I’ve changed my stance a bit on following the crowd . I still have rules and I never want to be a sheep again …. BUT… this is what I learned……  If you are sure of where you are going, your vision is clear, and you find a group that is going there too then hop on board, and do your part for the group. Just make sure you give your fair share and you’re not just there to take. Whatever you are battling remember that others have gone before and most are not only willing  to help other people but they thrive on spreading the message and giving others the tools to fight their battle. Imagine a world where everyone is reaching down to help others up. The people that are that are pulling up are the same people that are being pulled up. The momentum would be exponential! Here are two of my new friends. I didn’t catch their names and we never connected after that day, but I will never forget them or the geese.

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  1. Hi Tim! My friend just sent this to me. I hope you realize how much you encouraged us…we still talk about that run and your awesome story!

  2. Hi Tim! The picture you posted is of me and my husband Jim. You encouraged us as well. We all learned from each other that day.


    • I have been looking for you guys since that day! Sooooo cool. If you are on Facebook it would be great to connect. Tim Kaufman…

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