Last week I wrote about the top reasons you should make a New Year’s resolution.  This week I wanted to list a few ways to help KEEP your New Year’s resolutions. Ok, honestly, this post is totally for me because I have some whoppers for resolutions and it’s going to be rough to stick with them so I needed to jot down a couple reminders to myself. The truth is I have failed many more times than I have succeeded when it comes to completing challenges, making resolutions, and crushing goals but they say we learn from failure so I guess I have picked up some experience along the way. There are many different techniques out there for getting resolutions to stick and everyone is driven by different ideas and factors so my list is based on what works best for me and may be totally off for someone else. I did try to make the ideas broad enough that everyone should get some kind of a “take away” from the list.


  1. WRITE IT DOWN….. Journals can be amazing to keep you on track. (insert eye-roll here) I know you don’t have time but neither do I. Just a quick 3 or 4 minutes is all it takes. I’m an electronics kind of guy but what I have learned is that good old fashioned pen and notebook works the best. Remember from last week, all you have is an idea until you write it down, then it transforms into a physical “thing” that is tangible. Journals are great to jot down details of how you will accomplish your goal on a daily level. They are also fantastic to look back on and reflect at the end of the day. It makes perfect sense that you should keep your journal by your bed so it’s done before your feet hit the ground and reflected on before you go to sleep. Give it a whirl, use it for all your goals both short and long term. They are really cool to look back on after you have been making entries for a while.4762384399_9f80ff4168_o

2. GET AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER ….  Set up a date and time to check in with someone about your progress. You would be surprised as to the number of people that will not only help you, but will want you to return the favor with them being accountable to you. Choose someone you trust but not someone that is close to you. The idea is to be uncomfortable if you screw up and your spouse or best buddy is not going to cut it. Set up a day and time, even if it’s one a week to check in. It is amazing how both parties will benefit and grow from the experience. It is awkward at first but if you stay with it the benefits will pay off big time! Phone a friend or meet in person for coffee, stay away from texts and email, personal contact is much more honest and real.Alt_Telefon

3. SET AN OFFICIAL GOAL…..   Resolutions are great but why are you doing them? Stretch out a little bit and sign up for something that would only be possible if you stick with you resolution.  Goals should be set for long term and short term (future post).  Your daily resolve should be about changing habits. You need to figure out why you want the habits to change in the first place. If you have nothing more than a New Year’s resolution and not an ultimate goal to follow it’s like putting gas in your car  without a destination. If you aren’t going anywhere you are just wasting gas. If you want to be more active and start daily walks, then sign up to walk a half marathon in the summer. I know, you can’t do it ……….YET… And that’s exactly the idea. Commit to something in the future that you couldn’t possible accomplish at the present time. Your daily resolve will be the vehicle that gets you there. If you can’t register for a particular event because there is no such official event then go to your accountability partner and give them a day and time in the future to accomplish this task unofficially.  So, for example, I want to weigh  ___________  amount of pounds by August 1 and I am willing to weigh myself in front of you. Or, there are a ton of challenges on social media, sign up for one and you may even cover the accountability thing as well. For me, signing up to run an official 5k has changed my entire life. It was so out of reach when I signed up that I couldn’t run 1/8th of a mile without hyperventilating and tossing my cookies. I am convinced that if I hadn’t signed up I would have quit. So get online and find an event that will drive you. Make it for charity and make it impossible to accomplish at this time. Then let the magic begin as you get better and better at your craft.4450623309_8bdb5c3f3d_o


So, there you go my top 3 ways to stick to you resolution. I’m sure there are more. If you have any ideas that have helped you please toss it in the comments section below. Have a fantastic New Year! Change is right around the corner.

“Eat plants and move your body, all ya gotta do is a little more than yesterday.” 😉


Until next time,