Healthy Thinking

Grab your bottom.

Post #10  Healthy Thinking #8 20151213_163155 (1) "Well, there's not much we can do until he hits rock bottom." How many times have you heard that or maybe even said that? A couple years ago that phrase wouldn't have made me think twice, today those words  make me cringe in frustration. I realize it makes us feel better about placing the blame on whomever we are referring to and by all means that's where the blame belongs. My issue is with (more…)

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Healthy Eating

My alternative lifestyle ;)

Post #10     Healthy Eating #3 So far in the Healthy Eating category we have added some healthy foods and we have swapped some processed foods out for healthy options. Today's post is about a very complicated topic with many facets.  I will have many future posts on this topic but for now, I will try to lay down the general concept without getting people to think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist. Then again, maybe I am, who knows? (more…)

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